Going Wild with Poppy Seed Fougasse

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summary: recipe for wild fougasse with poppy seeds baked on the barbecue; grilling Artic char; the wonders of lemons; it’s strawberry season!

When we were discussing what bread to make on the barbecue for dinner, we realized that it had been way too long since we’d had poppy seed bread!

I love this bread!! It’s just a little bit sweet but not cloyingly so. And it’s beautifully soft inside yet nicely crispy on the outside.
-me, blog from OUR kitchen, poppy seed bread on the barbecue, 15 July 2010
I love poppy seed bread!! And please excuse me. I see that I’m repeating myself
-me, blog from OUR kitchen, Poppy Seed Rolls on the Barbecue Revisited, 12 July 2011
This poppy seed fougasse was fantastic with grilled salmon
-me, blog from OUR kitchen, Give us this day our daily bread (WBD/WFD 2011), 16 October 2011

Of course! Poppy seed fougasse! What could be better? We decided to really splash out and, instead of salmon, we would get a piece of wild Artic Char – Ocean Wise, of course.

Ocean Wise Logo (ocean.org) If you see the Ocean Wise symbol next to a seafood item, you know that option is the best choice for the health of our oceans.
– Ocean Wise | About The Ocean Wise Seafood Program

Even though we still have a jar of active dry yeast in the fridge, we are now loathe to use it. So I decided to alter our poppy seed bread recipe.

wild fougasse

Whoohoooo! …artic char and green peppercorn mayonnaise with poppy seed fougasse raised with our trusty Jane Mason starter! WHAT could be better for a summer day? (continue reading )

What’s that in the Box??

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summary: recipe for Armenian Toasted Noodle Pilaf – or is it Azerbaijani??; revelations about Rice-a-Roni; yay for summer and the garden producing at last; scapes and parsley;

the San Francisco Treat
the flavor can’t be beat
One pan, no boiling, cooking ease
A Flavor that is sure to please
the San Francisco treat!
(Ding, Ding)

Do you have an audio virus now? I sure do!

And. Were you like me? Did you think that Rice-A-Roni was something slightly inferior, along the lines of Kraft Dinner and Hamburger Helper?

Bzzzzt! Could we be more wrong?!

I’m not quite sure why we suddenly decided that we neeeeeeeded to try making Rice-A-Roni. But thank goodness we did.

Armenian Pilaf (continue reading )

Asparagus Gratin from “Rules of Civility” (Novel Food No.36)

summary: asparagus from “Rules of Civility” by Amor Towles; so many books to read; brief review of “Rules of Civility”; fascinating premise for a book; information about Novel Food;

I’ve often wanted to belong to a book club! But because I get new books from the library (we have less and less room for new books on our bookshelves), it means I can’t always get hold of the latest best sellers that are so often on various book club lists. Or, if I do get hold of them, I don’t really want to read because the books don’t pass the “must grab my attention by the 1st page” rule. So I was thrilled to see the rather open-ended book club that Simona (briciole) and Lisa (Champaign Taste) started in 2007. (How did I miss noticing this until now?!)

I may be late to the party but I’m so excited to be here at last!

Novel Food No.36: Asparagus Gratin from “Rules of Civility”

Asparagus Gratin

[T]he [subway] train gets under way; it comes to one station and then another; people get off and others get on. And under the influence of the cradlelike rocking of the train, […] your mind begins to wander aimlessly over your cares and your dreams; or better yet, it drifts into an ambient hypnosis, where even cares and dreams recede and the peaceful silence of the cosmos pervades.

Earlier this year, I read Amor Towles’ wonderful novel, “A Gentleman from Moscow”. I didn’t want to put the book down and I didn’t want it to end. It is a stunningly beautiful tale. And how. It took me ages to finish because I kept flipping back to read and re-read particularly lovely sections. So, naturally, with Towles’ novel, “Rules of Civility”, I was expecting to be uplifted in the same way. (continue reading )