Yet more miracles!!

summary: Borlotti (aka Romano) bean harvest; thieving cat; breaking rules; garden triumphs and failures;

The Swiss chard, Scarlet runner beans, Romano beans, Cranberry beans, and various herbs (including dill that self-seeded!) are doing well. Maybe my thumb is losing some of its black colour and turning green!
– me, blog from OUR kitchen | It’s a miracle!!

We’re going to eat like kings!

Borlotti Beans

Or, rather, we were going to eat like kings….

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Almost Photo-less Not-Friday: Persian Pilaf with Noodles Update

summary: update on Persian Pilaf with Noodles (Reshteh Polow); searching for information about the Persian spice-mix advieh; inadequacies of the index in “A Taste of Persia”; advantages of e-books; Swiss Chard from the Garden; to use photos or not to use photos; brief review of “A Taste of Persia” by Najmieh K. Batmanglij; an entry for almost photo-less friday;

Reshte Polo is like a bouquet of flowers with beautiful shape, amazing taste and high quality of healthiness.

Last night, while the intoxicating aroma from the Armenian Rice Pilaf that T had prepared was wafting through the house, we stepped outside to grill beautiful little chicken legs from the Portuguese butcher not far from here. As we admired the stunning chartreuse colour on the second leafing of our Honey Locust and chatted idly about nothing in particular, we leafed through Najmieh K. Batmanglij’s wonderful cookbook, “A Taste of Persia” that I had just got out of the library again.

We kept seeing the word “advieh*”. We knew it was a spice mixture. But could we find out what the spice mixture was?

A reference or teaching book is only as good as its index.
– Julia Child, The Way to Cook, p.vii

I looked at the Table of Contents to see if there was a special chapter on Persian flavours. No. Then I looked under A for “advieh” and S for “spice” in the index. Nothing.

This is the one disadvantage of reading an actual book. Nothing happens when you press your finger on a word on the page; a search box doesn’t pop up.

Finally, we gave up trying to find what goes into advieh, and I raced upstairs to the computer to google. Ha! No problem. There it is right away, with zillions of hits for various recipes.

When I returned to the garden, armed with the scrawled list of ingredients, and books on herbs and flavourings from our shelves, T looked triumphant.

he: [waving the open book in the air] I found it!
me: You’re kidding. Where?!
he: Under “P” for “Persian Spice Mix”
me: :stomp: :stomp: :lalala:

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More miracles!

summary: wild yeast fears; expiry dates; bread just wants to be bread; no photographic evidence; back to basics using text only; looking back to the good old days;

The other day, we decided in the morning that we would be having naan, which meant that once again, I’d have to use commercial yeast. Waaaah!!

Now that I’m thoroughly attached to our wonderful Jane Mason starter, I feel like a failure resorting to using Fleischmanns! (continue reading )

Swirling Around to Catch Up (BBB July 2019)

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BBB: Let's Keep Baking summary: an embarrassment of choices for July; recipe for Tahini Swirls, based on recipes in HomeBaking and SAVEUR magazine; altering the recipe(s) to use wild yeast instead of commercial yeast; making “no knead” overnight dough; adding salt; catching up; oh-oh; bookmarked recipes;

We’re all going on a summer holiday […] To make our dreams come true

Oh oh. Now I have an audio virus!! (I just listened to the actual opening of the song on YouTube – hahahahaha I LOVE the strings!)

Bookmarked Recipes - last Sunday of the MonthBBB July 2009 Bookmarked Recipes: Armenian Tahini Bread
Bread Baking Babes (BBB): Sukkur bi Tahin

:stomp: Took me a while!! :stomp:
Tahini Swirls

It’s a little embarrassing; my well-meant promise way back in 2010 to bake all the previous BBBabe breads still haunts me…. I’ve had these tahini swirls bookmarked for eons:

The TAHINI BREAD of Armenia is like a croissant mated with halvah. This unprepossessing sweet yeast bread […] awakens the senses the moment it leaves the oven, with the seductive aromas of sesame and cinnamon. The real joy, however, is in the bread’s flaky yet chewy texture
– Sarah Breckenridge, Armenian Tahini Bread, SAVEUR 100, No. 99 (February 2007), p71
These tahini swirls, called sukkar bi tahin in Arabic, are flattened flaky rounds flavored with tahini and sugar, not too sweet, not too strong tasting. Serve them warm or at room temperature-they’re just right either way.
– Jeffrey Alford and Naomi Duguid, ‘Beirut Tahini Swirls’,
Home Baking: The Artful Mix of Flour and Tradition Around the World, p244

So. July 2019’s task asking us to choose a previous BBB July recipe was the perfect opportunity to “∫top two gaps with one bu∫h“.

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