Buns – Hot, Cross (BBB September 2018)

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BBB September 2018 summary: recipe for Filipino Spanish Bread Rolls; making substitutions; hazards of being an expert; Sourdough September; planning ahead; late again; information about Bread Baking Babes; why is it still so hot and humid?

Bread Baking Babes (BBB): Filipino Spanish Bread Rolls

There is nothing wrong with fresh or dried yeast (though please check dried yeast labels for artificial additives) but research has shown that sourdough has the following advantages: […] [Y]easts ferment more slowly, allowing time for beneficial bacteria (lactobacilli, AKA lactic acid bacteria or LAB) to develop. – sustainweb.org | Is sourdough better than ‘normal’ yeast?

BBB Spanish Bread Rolls

Here I am at last. Just one day late for September’s BBB baking party….

This month, Aparna (My Diverse Kitchen) chose Filipino Spanish Bread Rolls. Her rolls looked gorgeous. And I suspect that if I had actually followed the recipe, my rolls might have looked pretty darn gorgeous too.

Not that the rolls I made don’t look good. But they were not at all the soft fluffy bread that a Filipina would like to have with afternoon coffee….

Spanish Bread is a popular ‘merienda’ or afternoon snack in the Philippines. It has nothing to do with the Spanish bread of Spain (Pan de Horno) except maybe that they share the same form (rolled) but the Filipino version of Spanish bread has a sweet buttery filling in it!
– Bebs, Foxy Folksy | Filipino Spanish Bread Recipe
The Spanish Bread has been around for as long as anyone can remember, but no one can seem to fully explain how it managed to get its name. […] Whether or not this bread has an identity crisis, it doesn’t change to fact that this bread is practically part of the Filipino culture already. […] The best kind is light and fluffy, with just the right amount of butter and sugar inside. Sprinkling more sugar on the rolls adds a light sweetness, if you’re up for some finger-licking after. […] [T]he traditional filling for these breads are melted butter and sugar […] The best way to eat these is warm. With or without coffee.
– Clarisse Panuelos, The Tummy Train | Sometimes I wonder about Spanish Bread

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A box grater isn’t just for cheese….

Tartine Bread summary: burnt bread doesn’t have to be a fail; so you think your grater is just for cheese…; not to mention that your file and rasp aren’t just for carpentry; how to rescue bread burned on the bottom;

When we first started baking bread in our combo cooker and began to REALLY go for that dark as mahogany, “bien cuit” look, this kind of problem with a burnt bottom was happening relatively frequently. Sure, the bread looked fabulous on top.

Dflat chord

But it was black as the ace of spades on the bottom.

oh dear

Who knew a box grater would come in so handily? And a file and rasp from the tool box….

rescuing burnt bread

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so you think you don’t like okra, eh?

summary: fried okra hash; Vivian Howard’s compelling words; rooftop garden;

I’m calling [this] hash, for lack of a better word. Whatever its proper name, this is magic draining on a paper-towel-lined plate – Vivian Howard, Chapter 18: Okra, Deep Run Roots, p404

In late June, in the middle of reading the okra chapter in Vivian Howard’s truly wonderful book, “Deep Run Roots”, we immediately put down the book, jumped on our bikes and sought out okra to make okra hash for that night’s dinner.

Deep Run Roots

Because, unlike many poor misguided people, we love okra. Or rather, we love okra as long as the scary slime has been cooked out of it.

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This is Our Kind of Music!

Catalan Potatoes summary: how hard is it (really) to make garlic paste? – Epicurious video investigation; fake news; what to do with garlic paste; the wonders of alioli made with home-grown “Music” garlic; Catalan potatoes; some opinions about garlic;

“One rule in life”, he murmured to himself. “If you can smell garlic, everything is all right”. – J.G. Ballard (1930-2009), High-Rise

'Music' Garlic Once again last fall, I planted “Music” garlic.

I don’t care that we don’t really have enough sun in our garden. I don’t care that the resulting heads of garlic are a little smaller than they should be.

Can you smell the music? I can!! Everything is all right….

I first saw the following video on “Facebook Watch” on 13 August; it conveniently (for FB) left out the plug for the Epicurious website. It turns out the video was originally on the Epicurious YouTube channel on 2 January of this year (at least I think it was originally there), with the words,

Watch as 50 people try to make garlic paste by any means necessary, including peeling, cutting, mincing, smashing and squashing. […] Browse thousands of recipes and videos from Bon Appétit, Gourmet, and more. Find inventive cooking ideas, ingredients, and restaurant menus from the world’s largest food archive.

YouTube: 50 People Try to Mince Garlic | Epicurious

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