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Risotto with Preserved Artichoke Hearts

summary: preserved artichoke hearts aren’t just for pizza; comforting food; Facebook is cramping my style; the wonders of sarafino olive oil; (click on images to see larger views and more photos)

After a wonderful holiday, I’m finding it difficult to get back into the swing of things. I’ve only managed to fool around on that evil site, Facebook…. Two of my favourite groups are Monday Morning Haikus and Tuesday Morning Limericks. Each week they have a theme and this week’s theme for both is “things that make us feel better”:

Eggs Florentine (ish)Monday Morning Haiku Club:

We need some comfort
from the January blahs.
I know – Hollandaise!

Turn on the toaster
Put some water on to boil
Get some spinach too

(Eggs Florentine)

No oozy eggs here!
Why, that would be revolting.
Hard boiled ev’ry time

Tuesday Morning Limerick Club:

Emptiness left after holidays –
There’s a curious sense of malaise.
Eggs to the rescue
Whisk lemon in too!
Everything’s better with Hollandaise!

-me, FB groups, 7, 9 January 2013

And of course, everything IS better with Hollandaise. On Monday morning, we had the most wonderful eggs Florentine. Did we take photos? Of course not. :stomp: :stomp: We were too busy making ourselves feel better.

risotto with artichokes This risotto made us feel better too. We made our usual risotto with chicken stock and reconstituted dried porcini mushrooms and then added some preserved artichoke hearts. A scattering of chopped parsley didn’t add much flavour but made it pretty. (continue reading )