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Isn’t the 3rd Try supposed to be the Charm?

summary: Third try at making Wild Bread, based on a recipe in “All You Knead is Bread” by Jane Mason; training a new pet; search for not-sour Sourdough continues; hiding the evidence in the composter;

Did I say we were getting closer to making not-sour sourdough bread? Well. I was wrong.

Sourdough bread does not need to taste sour. […] If your loaf is ugly you won’t win a prize, but you can still toast it, and sourdough toast is particularly yummy.
-Jane Mason, All You Knead is Bread, p40; p90

Particularly yummy, eh? I bet you anything that nobody wants to try our sourdough toast!

Don’t let looks fool you. What appears to be an almost-success was horrible. The bread was heavy as a rock and the crumb was dense and somewhat gummy. And it stank. It stank like the insides of a stomach (not that I’ve smelled insides of a stomach but I’m guessing the acid level of a stomach’s contents smells like that)

Sour Sourdough Bread

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