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Essential Equipment for Bread Baking – Revised

Dough Whisk summary: Danish dough whisk; flexible silicone lids; the wonders of digital scales; revised notions of essential equipment for bread making;

I absolutely adore our dough whisk, but… is it essential for bread making?

dough whisk Yesterday, I tried our brand new Danish dough whisk to make Nan-e Barbari and wow wow wow!! I love it. The dough hardly sticks to it. It’s really easy to clean (just whisk it in some water right after using it). But the real bonus is that I no longer have to feel like I’m wearing dough gloves. And I’m really glad that I got the smaller one. Even it feels a tiny bit large for my delicate {cough} hands.

Once you’ve used this dough whisk, you’ll count it as one of your essential baking tools. It’s perfect for mixing heavy dough prior to kneading. Way better than a spoon and much easier to clean. […] [The] smaller version [is] particularly handy for stirring up your sourdough starter.
-Breadtopia, Danish Dough Whisk, Dough Scrapers & Whisks

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