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4th Try at Mason Bread – such high hopes…

summary: Fourth try at making Wild Bread, based on a recipe in “All You Knead is Bread” by Jane Mason; adding the float test didn’t help; how to know when to shape; how we react under duress, continuing the search for not-sour sourdough but seriously contemplating conceding defeat;

This is the sad and sordid account of our 4th try at Jane Mason Sourdough bread that was supposed to be not-sour. Ha.

sour sourdough And we had such high hopes!

Sourdough bread doesn’t need to taste sour: the longer you take to put your final dough together, the more acidic it will smell and taste. If you like a more acidic taste, select the recipes that take a lot of time to make. If you prefer a less acidic taste, choose recipes that take less time.
-Jane Mason, Homemade Sourdough: Mastering the Art and Science of Baking with Starters and Wild Yeast, p13

I suspect that anyone would find the bread that I made this time round to be quite sour. This morning’s toast was a little like biting into a lemon. Or a pickle. But not as pleasing as either of those.

Clearly, this recipe I’ve been using takes too long to make.

Be patient. Sourdough is very sensitive to temperature. If your starter does not look “right” after the time called for in a recipe – just wait. If your dough has not risen after the time called for in a recipe – just wait. It usually gets there in the end.
– Jane Mason, Perfecting Sourdough

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