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2nd Try at Jane Mason Sourdough: Sudden Change of Direction

summary: second try at making Jane Mason Sourdough Bread: Fail!; new pet refuses to play; learning patience; getting inspired by “Taste of Persia” by Naomi Duguid; there’s a reason for eating by candlelight; khinkali stuffed with mushrooms to the rescue; great new condiment: ajika; reminiscing about “Anything Can Happen” by Papashvily;

khinkali Now that the major disappointments with our Jane Mason starter are finished (I hope) and we have decent wild yeast bread at last, I feel strong enough to recount the woeful tale of what happened with my 2nd Try to make significantly less sour bread, playing with our new pet given to us by Jane Mason.

I think I know where I went wrong and why the bread became so sour. It had to be those 24 hour periods of resting for “8-12 hours”. We’ll try again soon and report back.
– me, blog from OUR kitchen, ISO not-sour Sourdough: We’re getting closer…,
Chalk it up to experience and be a bit more patient next time.
– Jane Mason, All You Knead is Bread, p23

Excited about making bread with the bubbling starter, I eagerly mixed more dough, this time making enough for just one loaf.

Ha. By afternoon, it was clear that nothing was happening with the dough I had put together that morning. Not even close. It just sat like a murky glob. No bubbles. No motion. Its most significant trait was to smell sour. Clearly, this turbid sludge was NOT going to turn into anything that would create bread.

Aside from filling our kitchen green bin with the sticky mess, what could be done with it? We racked our brains. (continue reading )