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Chilis!! Get yer red hot chilis here!

summary: great neighbours; peach salsa; excerpt from ‘Kitchens of the Great Midwest’ by J. Ryan Stradal; chili syrup for ice cream; hot red chilis!

Red Hot Chillis The chilis are always redder and hotter on the other side of the fence. Aren’t they?

In our case, it’s true. Late in the spring, I transplanted several different chili plants in pots in our primarily shady garden: ghost, Thai green, cayenne. I know. Chilis neeeeeeeed sun.

Happily, there IS sun two doors over. Even more happily, the peppers that our neighbour planted are prolific and far hotter than he had planned. He has invited us to help ourselves.

So, the other day, we took about 8 bright red chilis. And tried one.

Oh my!! Just cutting into one of them sent out hot hot hot hot fumes. I’m tearing, just thinking about it. But we tasted the chili anyway.

It {gasp} was {gasp} real{gasp}ly {gasp} hot!

But just behind the heat was the most lovely citrus flavour. We can’t believe our luck!

chili syrup We thought about things we should try with J’s insanely hot chilis…. Suddenly we remembered the Red Chili Syrup we had made eons ago.

How could we have forgotten?! It was fabulous.

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