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Good Non-Alcoholic Punch

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summary: keeping Christmas traditions; Mum’s poinsettia tablecloth; recipe for Not 7-Up “Green” – based on 7-Up Emerald Punch; non-alcoholic punch; “Merry Punch Bowl to You!”

I don’t remember exactly when the poinsettia table cloth appeared in our house at Christmas – it went perfectly with the poinettia drinking glasses that one of my sisters has in her house now.

Nor do I remember what year it was that a 7-Up flyer, featuring Punch recipes, arrived in the mailbox. Or was it inserted into the carton of 7-Up that Dad brought home for a Christmas party. (We NEVER had soda pop in the house, except at Christmas time.)

7-Up Punch Recipes I do remember that we decided we HAD to try some of the punches though. I think that the first one we made was emerald punch. We were entranced with the name. And we had a wonderful punch bowl with glasses that hung from the edge of the bowl (was the set crystal?? I can’t recall; I think one of my sisters has the bowl and glasses….)

Mum made Gala punch several times as well. But it was “Green” that became a staple for us at Christmas.

So, imagine my delight when my sister arrived at our house on Christmas Day, carrying a 2L soda-water bottle filled with Green! Sure, we don’t have the punch bowl. But who cares? We had the punch!


I was SO happy that I had used Mum’s poinsettia table cloth. How perfect!

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