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Darkness in April (BBBuddies – errm – BBBuddy, April 2018)

summary: April 2018 Bread Baking Buddy; BBB Lariano-style Bread gallery

How could we resist a “chewy tangle of wheat, coffee, dark chocolate, and caramel”? :-)

BBBuddies April 2018Bread Baking Buddy (BBB): Lariano-style Bread

Not all the BBBabes made the BBBs’ April 2018 bread. After all, April IS a very busy and rather taxing month! But those who did bake the bread liked it very much, even if some were afraid of the dark….

We could not believe how wonderful the crust is. The crumb was also terrific. Lahey is right; this bread is fabulous – me, (blog from OUR kitchen)
We really enjoyed this bread. It has an amazing power to stay fresh for several days. I took a couple of slices to work when I was running late and put them in the toaster. Suddenly, everyone was wondering “what smells so good?” – Karen K (Karen’s Kitchen Stories)
[I]t’s excellent bread. I’ve just had 4 slices and look forward to toast in the AM and sandwiches for a picnic tomorrow. – Tanna (My Kitchen in Half Cups)
Just a light tang of sourdough with a lightly chewy crumb and crisp crust. Of course it made phenomenal toast. It is mostly definitely worth a bake – Kelly (A Messy Kitchen)
Baked the bread after I started my starter anew but to no avail. Me and sourdough starters don’t do well together. My bread didn’t rise at all so I had a eh.. flatliner! I thought I took a pic but can’t seem to find it. – Karen (Bake My Day), via FB
I was excited to have a chunk of free time well before the April deadline, so, instead of waiting until the last minute, I decided to bake the bread early. And, the bread? A lemon-fennel wholewheat bread […] Little did I know that the recipe challenge changed without my knowing. – Judy (Judy’s Gross Eats)
There is a certain kind of madness that sometimes takes over when a true baker discovers wild yeast and the whole art of sourdough. […] The bonus is amazing bread that you didn’t have to pay $10 for. – Pat, aka Elle (Feeding My Enthusiasms)
If you’re a whole grain lover (and if even if you’re not), you’ll adore this Lariano-Style Bread. […]
It received two thumbs up from the board members of my local community garden. – Cathy (Bread Experience)
I found my bread did not have a very open crumb and was slightly dense. None of this took away from the bread though. […] [T]his bread is great for soaking up sauce and soups – Aparna (My Diverse Kitchen)
The Bread Baking Babes went a little dark this month. […] I’ve also been told that the crust should be very dark and a few black spots are even better, adding a caramelized taste to the crust. It all must be true. I would never doubt Babes – Katie (Thyme For Cooking)

I don’t know if it was my waffling about what recipe to choose, or the dark crust, or the fact that the bread is wild yeast, or the general business of April, but I received only one email at the end of April! (continue reading )