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new toy: dumpling press

summary: making homemade pierogies; new toy makes the work go faster; dumpling press; playing with the filling: blueberry; read the label on commercial yoghurt;

For Christmas, my sister gave us a little kit for punching out various sized dumplings. And suddenly, we neeeeeeded to have pierogies stuffed with potato and cheese and served with yoghurt and caramelized onions.


T raced down to the kitchen to make the dough, potato filling, and caramelize the onions. Also, because we realized we had too many frozen blueberries, (is that really possible?) he made a blueberry compote.

Once the dough had rested enough, he used our hand-crank pasta maker to roll out the dough.

Then, doubting that a dumpling press would actually make things go more smoothly, using two different sizes, we tried them out.

making pierogis

Whoa!! How simple was that?! Was. it. ever. easy!
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Elbow-Lick Sandwich Bread (BBB January 2019)

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BBB: Let's Get Baking summary: recipe for Wild Yeast Elbow-Lick Sandwich Bread, based on the recipe for Sweet Potato Onion Bread in “Deep Run Roots” by Vivian Howard; slack dough; to add flour or not to add flour…. a Bread Baking Babes (BBB) project;

Bread Baking Babes’ Elbow-Lick Sandwich Bread, January 2019

This stuff is special-chewy with deep flavor and a dark crust. – Vivian Howard, “Deep Run Roots”, Sweet Potato Onion Bread, p321

Sweet Potato Onion Bread

When I think of a sweet potato, I think of an elongated root with rose skin and orange, mildly sweet, creamy flesh. – Vivian Howard, Sweet Potato Wisdom, Deep Run Roots

Over the spring and summer, in the kitchen as dinner was being prepared, or as we sat out on the porch to drink our morning coffee, we were entranced by our read-aloud book, Vivian Howard’s “Deep Run Roots”. It’s a huge book and takes ages to read aloud and savour the many new ideas. (continue reading )

T’s Shortbread Revisited

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summary: revision of T’s shortbread; rice flour is the key; taking the lead from a recipe in “Beyond the Great Wall” by Naomi Duguid and Jeffrey Alford; new fridge magnet; time for more magnetic poetry;

We just finished the last of T’s Christmas shortbread. (Waahhh!! Does that mean Christmas is over? :stomp: :stomp: )

As always, it was great shortbread, even though it was slightly different from previous years. Amazingly, we didn’t take any photos.

But trust me, it looks exactly the same as the earlier versions:

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