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Delving into the Archives: Brussels Sprouts and Fiery Red Chilies

summary: Brussels Sprouts with Fermented Black Beans and Chillies; Hot!!; reading ‘Deep Run Roots’ by Vivian Howard aloud; brief review of “Burma: Rivers of Flavor” by Naomi Duguid;

[W]hen summer became September and the local produce staring at me was eggplant, muscadines, peppers, and okra, I had to go work – Vivian Howard, Chapter 18: Okra, p.399

Brussels sprouts

This past summer, when we were blissfully sitting outside on the porch, listening to the leaves rustle and reading Vivian Howard’s excellent memoir/cookbook, “Deep Run Roots”, when we got to the recipes for ‘Grape-Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Sausage’ and ‘Brussels Sprouts, Apples, and Pomegranate with Blue Cheese Honey Vinaigrette’, we knew that as soon as Brussels sprouts started to arrive at the vegetable store, we HAD to try them. (continue reading )