6-strand braiding video

summary: video of 6 strand braiding; submission for yeastspotting (click on images to see larger views and more photos)

6 strand braiding We’ve been having fun!!

I mentioned earlier that 6 strand braiding is easy and attempted to show my technique with text and drawings. Stefanie (Hefe und mehr) mentioned that watching the linked videos on that post was what really helped her to understand how to do the braid. (I must say that I too only really understood after watching the videos.)

So we took it upon ourselves to make a video of my two-hand braiding technique as a supplement to our text/drawing instructions.

It only took us about 48 hours to fight with Windows Movie Maker, microphones, etc. etc. and put the video together. :lalala: And now that it’s done, I’m happy to report that we are still speaking to each other.

I even joined YouTube so I could post it there for posterity. It has only taken me about 8 hours :stomp: to figure out how to upload the video. (reboot computer, empty caches, run spyware detectors, tear hair, etc. etc.)

But here it is at last:

(If you cannot view the video, please try going directly to YouTube: 6 strand braiding)

Happy braiding!

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