Sharing and Home-milled Red Fife Flour

feed the hungrysummary: Organic red fife flour; generosity of friends; Biscuit making, 100% whole wheat bread; sharing to feed the hungry;

We have the most generous friends! Look what we made because of them!

Red Fife Biscuits

We cannot believe how very fortunate we are to be able to get the most wonderful eggs from our lovely friends who have a sheep farm.

Eggs from sheep?! No, no, no. Our friends like to encourage sharing; the sheep share the space with some free running chickens. And the chickens help harvest the small market vegetable garden.

It’s a win win win situation. Especially for us. (continue reading )

Define “Savoury”…. (BBB November 2019)

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BBB: Let's Keep Baking summary: it’s too early for snow; recipe for Wild Savoury Danish Crown; making substitutions; reading difficulties; almost late… again; information about Bread Baking Babes;

The Sky is Falling! The Sky is Falling!

November Snow

Bread Baking Babes (BBB): Sourdough Danish Crown

Oh my ears and whiskers, how late it’s getting!

I was determined not to be late (yet again). I really was. And it came awfully close.

I blame the far too early snow fall. :stomp:

~ ~ ~

Back when we could still easily ride our bikes and I was just beginning to think I should probably turn off the outside water and haul the non-hardy plants into the basement (nick o’ time on that), I was really happy when Cathy announced that we would be baking a savoury bread this month! But then, as I looked at the ingredients for the filling, I started to pause.

  • Onion? Hmmm… I’m not sure. We do have beautiful leeks right now thanks to J and J. (Remind me to rave about those gorgeous leeks!) Maybe those could be substituted.
  • Grated Parmesan? Maybe…
  • Egg? No, thank you! (Cathy does offer a substitute for the egg….)
  • Ground almonds? Bread crumbs? Great ideas!

And it suddenly dawned on me. Raisins are savoury, aren’t they?

BBB November 2019

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How do you like your coffee?

summary: we love our coffee…; different coffee pots and cups; Turkish vs Armenian coffee; pre-ground coffee can be… well… you know; sugar or no sugar;

We love coffee! But, suddenly, we are torn. Should we have Eastern or Western coffee?

Armenian Coffee

In general, our daily coffee is made by grinding the beans with our trusty “Zassenhaus” grinder just before brewing the coffee in our vintage electric “Vesuviana” coffee maker to make bowls of café au lait. (Before getting the Vesuviana, we used an electric coffee grinder and a French press.) (continue reading )

Things that go bump in the night

summary: Again?? …but we don’t want flatbread; sourdough fail; Oh boy! Squirrel Food!

jackolantern in rain ©ejm2006 gif cue sound effects


We kept thinking about the fact that feeding our Jane Mason 100% whole wheat starter with unbleached all-purpose “no additives” flour should really have worked. The following should never have occurred. :lalala:

    I took the usual spoonful of the wholewheat starter and fed it with equal parts unbleached all-purpose flour and water.
    The next morning, the white-coloured sludge in the bowl was bubbling, but not crazily. And it was really really really gluey and sticky. We checked for floating; it sank like a stone.
    I stirred in more all-purpose flour and checked half an hour later. Sank like a stone.
    Checked again half an hour later – some bubbles, really really really gluey. Sank like a stone.
    What did I do wrong?!
– me, blog from OUR kitchen | If at first you don’t succeed…, 12 September 2019

We decided that what I had done wrong when trying to make all white flour wild bread was to be impatient. So, the other day, we tried again. After 24 hours (that’s a whole day) we looked at the sad and sorry dense puddle of white sludge. It was bigger. And there seemed to be a few tiny tiny bubbles. But. (continue reading )