a second attempt at Tartine Bread

summary: Overly sour “Tartine Bread” again! (click on image to see larger view and more photos)

Tartine Bread I decided to try again. This time, I followed the instructions to the letter….

Phooey!!! Here it is just out of the oven and it smells sour! Not quite as sour as the first one, but almost.

And it LOOKS so beautiful too!

We haven’t tasted it yet. It’s still cooling.

The thing that drives me mad is that everything smelled wonderful until the bread was almost finished baking. And suddenly, the sourness began to overtake that wonderful aroma of sweet wheaty just-baked bread.

How demoralizing! (Eeeeek!! Maybe our house is sour?? Or is the yeast I’m capturing just angry at captivation?)


Tartine Bread Success edit August 2017: Whoohoooo!! It turns out that it IS possible to make completely non-sour Tartine Bread in OUR kitchen: Tartine Bread: 3rd time’s the charm


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