About Comments and Commenting Guidelines

Hellllooooooo!! Anyone is able to read and leave comments on blog from OUR kitchen.
In fact, I love seeing your comments and/or questions…. Before attempting to comment, please read the following:

  • To leave a comment, you must also include your name and legitimate email address. I will never publish your email address or IP address, nor will I distribute either of them (I loathe and despise spam). Still, I strongly suggest that you use a special address just for online things. If you do not yet have such an address, there are several online companies that offer free email addresses – Gmail (google.com), outlook.com, Yahoo! (yahoo.com), etc. etc.
  • You may post your URL with your comment. But please remember that if your website has nothing at all to do with the subject of the post, it will be removed without explanation. If your comment is on-topic, the comment will remain. On occasion, I may also change your name, if you have chosen to use the name of your company or website instead of your actual name or initials.
    There will be no response to solicitations for reciprocal links. Under no circumstances will I link to sites simply because they are linking to this one.
    There is, however, a reward for creativity. If you compose a Haiku to explain whatever useless product it is you are selling, your chances at having your comment remain intact, and visible to all, are much higher.
    All spammers who hope
    to see their comments and links:
    “Only Haikus please”

    Petrarchian sonnets will be also be accepted.
  • English is the language of preference (because that is what I speak). However, if you wish to use a different language:
    1. Use at least three languages in at least one sentence per comment. >%^7^^^7^^
  • Some HTML is allowed. Please remember to close all tags. Also, make sure your tags are nested correctly. Any HTML tags that are disallowed will simply be ignored. Any links within the comments will automatically have a “no follow” spec appended.
  • Sideways winkies and smilies will be replaced with the few customized emoticons. The reason that you do not see the usual winking, grinning, smiling, rolling eyed smilies is because I can’t stand them.
  • Other than the available emoticons, images will not be displayed within comments. The image tag has been disabled. Why? There is no facility to store your images on this server. Also, images can significantly slow down the loading time of the page. If you would like to display images other than the emoticons, please link to the URL of the image. Here’s how.
  • Some HTML is allowed. Here are the tags that have been allowed; all others will simply be ignored.
    <a href="">link URL</a>
  • All comments are moderated. Any comments that I feel are off-topic or inappropriate will be deleted. The following things are categorically off-topic and will be deleted as spam (which means any subsequent comments will be automatically relegated to the spam section and unlikely to be retrieved):
    • Profanity
    • Anything illegal
    • Unsolicited advertising
    • Repetitive and/or off-topic remarks

Please note that you do NOT have to sign in to comment. In fact, it’s preferable if you do not even try. If you do insist, there is a risk of being locked out of the site…. :lalala: