Action! …making corn tortillas

summary: Making corn tortillas from scratch WITHOUT a tortilla press is really easy; we had so much fun that we made another video (with sound!!); redrafted video (with titles AND sound!!); who says black cats are smart?

I LOVE making videos!! What shall we do next? :whee:


(If you cannot view the video, please try going directly to YouTube: making corn tortillas from scratch (with sound!!) June2013)

Please read more about making corn tortillas (includes recipe).

edit a little later: Ha! And I thought we were so brilliant. But after watching Hacer tortillas a mano (parte 2 de 2) I’ve changed what’s left of my mind. How cool is that?! And this one too!! Wow! How does she make that perfect round with her hands??

edit 26 June 2013: I noticed that there was a typo in the first video. At the end, the text should coincide with my voice-over and read “for 8 tortillas, you will need approximately one cup masa harina, half cup water and an eighth teaspoon of salt”. Here is the second draft of virtually the same video. Which version, if either, do you think is better?

(If you cannot view the video, please try going directly to YouTube: corn tortillas from scratch (2nd draft) – with sound AND titles – June2013)

oh oh
:stomp: Who says black cats are smart?! :stomp:



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6 responses to “Action! …making corn tortillas

  1. barbara

    That looks like fun! And even if it’s a little bit slower than a press, I guess it doesn’t really matter because it’s still faster than the cooking.

  2. ejm Post author

    It WAS fun, Barbara! In fact, it was so much fun that we got up ridiculously early this morning to make 4 tortillas to have with butter. After seeing some of the other YouTube videos, we made the dough a little softer and love the results! The tortillas were a little stickier when being pressed but they were so soft when cooked.

    The really thrilling thing was that one of them puffed up while it was cooking!

    I was watching our video again and patting myself on the back when I noticed that there was :stomp: a typo :stomp: – I also saw that it wasn’t self-explanatory without the sound turned on.

    The second draft is here:


  3. barbara

    I didn’t notice the typo. I did have the sound on.

    I’m guessing that most people would probably not notice the typo, Barbara. I looked at the stupid thing several times and didn’t notice it until it was online. But I can just imagine at least one literal person racing in to comment to say that an 8 teaspoon of salt is too much :stomp: :stomp:
    It turns out that 50% of the people in our house ALWAYS have the sound on and think that the second video is horrible because the titles can’t be read. Ha. So it’s really true; you can please some of the people some of the time but you can’t…. -Elizabeth

  4. Rosa

    Lovely corn tortilla! They taste a lot better when they are homemade like yours.

    Your kitty is very cute! I have a black cat too…



    Thank you, Rosa! I hope that your black cat is smart enough to stay off the stove…. -Elizabeth

  5. barbara

    Ha, I should have noticed 8 teaspoon of salt. So close to 8 teaspoons of vanilla. “W___ A___ What On Earth Are you Doing?”

    hahahahahahaha I had completely forgotten about that story of our poor beleaguered HomeEc teacher! -Elizabeth

  6. Patricia

    After watching this, I needed to try it myself. Boy and I made them yesterday. I made twice what you suggested as Boy seems to be getting hollower and hollower. We agreed that while it was tedious to make so many, they were completely worth the effort. We’ll do it again but maybe Someone Else will take over the cake pan work.

    Whoohoooo! I’m so glad to hear that it worked for you, Patricia (in spite of the tedium). Can you believe the difference in texture from the storebought ones? -Elizabeth


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