and then there were none…

click on image to see larger view of Saran quick-covers™ container

bread dough hat This is the last of the bread dough hats in my stash that I thought would never be depleted. I was positive that the turkey jar was a magic jar that would never be empty.

Alas, it appears I was wrong. I’ve clapped my hands and chanted incantations and waved a chopstick in front of it (that has to be as good as a wand, doesn’t it?) But it’s just a turkey. Not magic at all! Woe is me!!!

On the weekend, we rode our bikes all over town in search of Saran Quick Covers. We went to Loblaws, IGA, Dominion, Canadian Tire, Honest Ed’s, Home Hardware, the Korean Supermarket, a discount store….

empty turkey jar We even went to Whole Foods. Oh my!!! So many nice looking things but darn, I left my chequebook at home…. (What is the opposite of “slumming”? Might it be “chic-ing”??)

The turkey is empty!!! What am I going to do?

I googled Saran quick covers and see that they might still be available from Saran Canada (although the hats are not on their products list). I have e-mailed Saran and am anxiously awaiting their response.

edit 6 April 2006 @ 23:51 EDT read the followup here: …and they lived happily ever after

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