Trimming Asparagus

trimming asparagus

We used to bend asparagus and allow it to break at its natural point, theorizing that this is where the tender part starts. But because of the way the asparagus is pretrimmed at the vegetable store, there’s a LOT of waste that way. We learned the following method from watching Laura Calder’s TV show “French Cooking at Home”: Use a very sharp knife and [starting near the bottom of the stalk,] hit from above to find where the asparagus is no longer tough.
-me, trimming asparagus, recipes from OUR kitchen

Asparagus: steamed with butter and lemon juice . with Hollandaise sauce . with eggs and Hollandaise sauce . with eggs and cheese sauce . omelette . barbecue wokked . bbq with garlic and ginger . bbq with baby red onions . bbq with tomatoes . risotto . stir-fried with black beans