Asparagus and Scapes

scapes wp-image-2130summary: ‘Music’ scapes go perfectly with Ontario asparagus; (click on image(s) to see larger views and more photos)


scapes and asparagus wp-image-2127 Last fall, we planted six cloves of ‘Music’ garlic in various places in the garden. When spring finally arrived, I anxiously watched each spot. And whoohooooo! They all came up!

We were even more thrilled that each plant produced flowers. We decided not to wait until the stems were woody before harvesting them. :-) :-)

We have been getting beautiful asparagus from the local farmers’ market (why yes, with the first batch of asparagus, we made Hollandaise Sauce…) and cannot stop eating it.

asparagus wp-image-2129 The other day, T roasted chicken thighs and we served them with mashed potatoes and perfectly steamed asparagus tossed with scapes that had been fried in olive oil. The scapes’ delicate garlic flavour was perfect!

I LOVE asparagus season!!
Ontario asparagusOntario asparagusasparagus
Aside from having it with hollandaise sauce, these are a few of the other ways that we’ve been serving asparagus. Tonight, we’re going to have it with stir-fried ginger and oyster sauce. …oh!! We haven’t had asparagus risotto yet!