Augh!!! I loathe change

summary: How to spend two or three hours (ha.) tidying up coding and then give up and just whimper pitiously;

Sigh. Upgrading is HORRIBLE.

It appears that since this latest wordpress upgrade, suddenly any ü is appearing as û and any é is appearing as é!!

I did a little searching around and it looks like I have mixed character sets in my SQL. Whatever that means. :lalala:

Actually, I know what it means. It means that I’m going to be bald. :-(

Well, at least tonight’s dinner of spinach and cheese ravioli tossed in olive oil, hot peppers and rapini will be nicely distracting. In the meantime, please just ignore the weird characters. In fact, how about if we all just embrace them?

Yes, that’s it. Ignore them completely. But in case you can’t ignore them, here is a handy (cough) translation list:

  • Â =
  • û = ü
  • é = é
  • â = â

I’ll add others as I come upon them. I feel certain that I will….

Why on earth is there not a big huge red banner on the wordpress “upgrading from earlier installations” guide alerting people to this problem? And a note that “links” are going to be changed into “bookmarks” AND renumbered?? :stomp:


edit 22 September 2009: Aaaaughhhhhhh!!! :-( I just had a major skirmish with sql in an attempt to fix things. I bet you know who lost. :lalala: