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I am a freelance musician in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. What I really love is good food, books, movies, gardening (even though I have a black thumb) and bicycle travel. My foodblog is at adventures in food and drink, recipes, disasters, triumphs....

New Year’s Challenge: Tartine Polenta Bread (BBB January 2018)

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BBB: Let's Get Baking summary: recipe for Tartine Polenta Bread, based on a recipe in “Tartine Bread” by Chad Robertson; definition of corn; using millet in place of corn; following the book recipe produces Slack Bread – worse than the croc!; making my sister happy; importance of recipe testing; overwintering rosemary in an inhospitable climate; a Bread Baking Babes (BBB) project;

Tartine Polenta Bread Bread Baking Babes (BBB) January 2018: Tartine Polenta Bread

How do you spell verbose – shouldn’t it begin wih “E”?

Once again, I’ve waffled like crazy about what to choose. And once again, I didn’t actually consider that we should make waffles. Although….

Just as I did last January, I was going to choose Carta da Musica, still being entranced by its description in “Savoring Italy” by Robert Freson and the fact that we saw the April Bloomfield making something with it on Season2 of the delightful PBS series “Mind of a Chef”.

On the island of Sardinia, eligible men used to choose their wives, not for their beauty or their intelligence, but for their ability to bake bread. […] Sardinian women have developed pane carasau, a flatbread so light and thin that it has been nicknamed carta di musica, or sheet music bread.
– Louis Inturrisi, Sicily/Sardinia, Savoring Italy, p229,230

Then I remembered bookmarking Cathy’s Easy Rosemary Orange Poolish Baguette, which is not unsimilar to Stacy’s Orange Rosemary Boule in Jamie’s and Ilva’s fabulous cookbook “Orange Appeal”. I ALMOST almalgamated those two recipes…. (remind me to rave about Stacy’s Orange Rosemary Boule!) (continue reading )

Happy 2018!

summary: Happy New Year!; Tartine Bread just keeps getting better; mussels inspired by a recipe in Jamie Schler’s cookbook “Orange Appeal”; old Navel oranges still produce beautiful juice; lentil soup; lentils for fortune; in praise of Rachel Roddy;


We had a wonderful New Year’s Eve!

Yesterday morning, after packing up Tartine bread, cherry snowballs made with Persian dried sour cherries, cheese biscuits and pecan puffs, we put on all our layers and hats and scarves and mittens and headed out into the cold (and don’t let your Winnipeg and/or Edmonton and/or Alaskan experiences of what real cold is confuse you – it was REALLY cold here in Toronto) and trekked along the snow-packed sidewalks up to miss the streetcar and wait for about 10 minutes, jumping up and down to try to keep our feet warm. Then onto the rather elderly streetcar, that quickly filled up with people heading to work or play (every time the door opened, a gale-force wind whipped past our feet), to go across the city to our long-time friends W and G for our annual Cheese Day. Both W and G’s sons were in town for Christmas and J and G had gone to St. Lawrence Market to get a selection of cheeses, pate, cream cheese, bagels and smoked salmon.

Tartine Bread (continue reading )

Good Non-Alcoholic Punch

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summary: keeping Christmas traditions; Mum’s poinsettia tablecloth; recipe for Not 7-Up “Green” – based on 7-Up Emerald Punch; non-alcoholic punch; “Merry Punch Bowl to You!”

I don’t remember exactly when the poinsettia table cloth appeared in our house at Christmas – it went perfectly with the poinettia drinking glasses that one of my sisters has in her house now.

Nor do I remember what year it was that a 7-Up flyer, featuring Punch recipes, arrived in the mailbox. Or was it inserted into the carton of 7-Up that Dad brought home for a Christmas party. (We NEVER had soda pop in the house, except at Christmas time.)

7-Up Punch Recipes I do remember that we decided we HAD to try some of the punches though. I think that the first one we made was emerald punch. We were entranced with the name. And we had a wonderful punch bowl with glasses that hung from the edge of the bowl (was the set crystal?? I can’t recall; I think one of my sisters has the bowl and glasses….)

Mum made Gala punch several times as well. But it was “Green” that became a staple for us at Christmas.

So, imagine my delight when my sister arrived at our house on Christmas Day, carrying a 2L soda-water bottle filled with Green! Sure, we don’t have the punch bowl. But who cares? We had the punch!


I was SO happy that I had used Mum’s poinsettia table cloth. How perfect!

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