baking powder pucks

I made the mistake of adding the unfinished starter to baking powder biscuit dough last night. In retrospect, I think perhaps the oven wasn’t preheated enough as well. (Augh!!! I just remembered! I forgot to add yoghurt or buttermilk too…)

All in all, it would have been better to just throw away the failed sludge, get the active dry yeast out of the fridge and make real biscuits.

Oh dear. Will the miserable failures never cease??

Happily, T is still on form and we had an absolutely brilliant dinner last night. We started with artichokes and hollandaise(!) and then for a main course had goulash, mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli and sugar snap peas (drizzled with the last bit of hollandaise left) and dessert was carrot cupcakes . (We put the basket of pucks on the table too but I think I was the only one who ate any.)

Hey!! I just remembered another thing. I made the cupcakes! They were delicious. Maybe I haven’t completely lost my touch after all.

No photographic evidence this time though. I don’t quite know how it is that other bloggers can prepare and serve dinner AND take photographs. Cudos to them!