Beans rock, don’t they? (real food)

summary: cleaning and sorting kidney beans; links to bean recipes; information about “Two For Tuesdays! (click on images to see larger views)

Hey!!! Look who did a writeup. Whoohoo!! -ejm

kidney beans We both think that beans rock, but really now…!

We buy most of our beans in bulk, usually from stores in Toronto’s India town. It’s both inexpensive and we are assured that the product has a good turn around and hasn’t been on the shelf for too long. (Yes, it’s true. Even dried goods taste better fresher.)

Years ago in India I noticed that housewives would spread dried legumes on to a tray or tali to sort through before cooking. They would often find small stones, pebbles and/or bits of grit.

kidney beans When we set up our own kitchen 20 years ago, we always followed suit. We don’t always find anything dangerous but every now and then we do. What surfaced yesterday is by far the biggest jaw dropping jaw-breaker I’ve ever come across.

The system we use in our kitchen is shown in the photo. When we’ve finished sorting it’s an easy step to just pick up the edges of the placemat from the tray and funnel the beans into a pot. Saves time and teeth.


Two for Tuesdays - Eat Real Food

Two for Tuesdays!
Eat Real Food

This event was created by Alex (A Moderate Life) with the idea that each “Two for Tuesday” post would contain two things (two recipes, two links, two variations on a theme… as long as the post is about real food. Alex, Heather (girlichef) and an increasing number of bloggers have joined forces to co-host the weekly event. Heather wrote:

» REAL food is homemade. REAL food is from scratch. REAL food has recognizable ingredients. REAL food is made from traditional ingredients. REAL food is food you make with your own hands. -Heather (girlichef), “Extra! Extra! Read all About It! Announcing… TWO for TUESDAYS!”

For links to the other “Two for Tuesdays” hosts and complete details on how to participate in the weekly event, please read the following:


kidney beans I confess that I am a tiny bit casual when sorting kidney beans. I really didn’t think that a rock would ever be that big and disguise itself so well!! NOW I’m going to sort dried beans much more carefully! -ejm

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  • Oh my gosh, yes! I’ve totally found a few rocks in my beans before…and dirt clumps!! Ew. Definitely an important reminder and headsup for those who may not sort their beans! Thanks for sharing with Two for Tuesdays this week! :)

  • butterpoweredbike

    I know that I learned my lesson about sorting beans the hard way – fortunately it was just a dirt clod, and not a rock. Thanks for linking up with Two for Tuesday.

  • Kim

    Great post! I’ve never found any jawbreakers yet, but I should definitely start looking!

  • alex@amoderatelife

    Hey Elizabeth! Thanks for posting this on the two for tuesday recipe blog hop! Yes, it is So easy to miss something like that and a rock is NOT going to soften up like the beans will! A very good reminder that real food is made in the real world and should be checked for real things in it before cooking! :) alex

  • I always sort my beans but always feel like it is a waste of time. Now I know that I could actually find a foreign object. Thanks for the heads up.

  • ejm

    Yes, indeed. It’s gotten to the point that I’m nervous if I HAVEN’T found a stone or piece of dirt when sorting through lentils and smaller beans. Now I’m going to be nervous about kidney beans too.


  • This often happens to me too. Good advice and I always sort my beans and legumes. It’s surprising how often I find a stray small pebble.