Delving into the Archives… the Ultimate Wings

summary: Beijing Chicken Wings and Grilled Green Onions; how to use wooden skewers so onions won’t fall through the grill; delving into the archives; re-reading SAVEUR; (click on images for larger views and more photos)

Over the years, on a number of occasions, I’ve said how much I love SAVEUR magazine. But, alas, over the last few months, with each new issue, we have been more and more disappointed. So we have been delving into back issues.

Beijing Chicken Wings  wp-image-2048 Because it’s barbecue season again (yay!), we pulled out the July 2013 issue and were reminded about the most wonderful chicken wings.

My favorite chicken wing joint, Kuan Dian, is set atop a shack in Xicheng district, near central Beijing. Here, a grill in a makeshift kitchen overlooks a maze of hutongs, the traditional alleyway dwellings unique to Beijing, and rowdy students clamor over chicken wings that have been smoldering over charcoal embers until the blistered skin resembles a crisp veil the color of mahogany.
-Lillian Chou, Fire in the Belly, SAVEUR No. 157

I cannot believe that I didn’t rave out loud about this chicken before! Because when we first had it in 2013, I wrote in my diary:

Best. Dinner. Ever!

I mean, really. Look at them! Don’t you too neeeeeeed to have some Mi Zhi Ji Chi Chuan and Kao Xiang Cong soon?

Beijing Chicken Wings and Grilled Green Onions wp-image-2046

Double-skewering scallions ensures they don’t fall through grill grates and allows for easier basting and flipping.
-recipe for Kao Xiang Cong (Grilled Scallion Skewers), SAVEUR No. 157

SAVEUR No.157 coverBeijing Chicken Wings - Todd Coleman image wp-image-2049grilled green onions - image by Todd Coleman wp-image-2050


Dinner was fabulous:
Beijing Chicken Wings and Grilled Green Onions wp-image-2047
grilled peppers, zucchini, mushrooms, green onions and Beijing chicken wings.

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  1. Barbara M

    From the pictures, I thought it was just soy sauce on the scallions. Then I looked at the recipe – that sauce sounds fantastic. So do the wings! Nom nom nom.

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