better late than never…

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making vinarterta My sister and I made Ví­narterta today. Yes, I know. It’s a little late. We should have done it a couple of weeks ago! Because the cake really is better if it ages for a month. But better late than never, yes?

We had hours of fun. Most of the time was spent laughing and playing Scrabble and Perquacky (yes, I’m afraid I lost again – read about last year’s baking day.) But we did get the cake done in spite of the fooling around. And we realized that we have been spending a day together doing Christmas baking each year for 17 years! Seventeen!

Remind me not to mention the fact that we almost had to go out into the cold to buy more prunes…. (read about the time I DID have to go out into the cold to buy more prunes.)

Oh yes, and also remind me to post the rest of the pictures I took of making the cake. (I’d do it now but it’s time for dinner: buckwheat crepes filled with spinach and ham bechamel… jealous?)

I’ve also been distracted from posting in here because I’m in the process of putting together my annual

tiny holly ©ejm2005Advent calendartiny holly ©ejm2005.

I MUST be out of my mind!


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