Biscotti, anyone?

BBB: Let's Get Baking summary: photos of candied peel and BBB (Erzatz) Stollen; (click on images to see larger views and more photos)

Stollen (BBB) We tasted the BBB Stollen this morning. WHAT a disappointment!!

It’s dry and crumbly. Not at all the sort of thing that people would clamour to have on a festive occasion. Unless they were so hungry that they’d choke anything down.

And it looked and smelled so beautiful too!! (aside from the fact that it was flat as a pancake) I’m guessing that I didn’t knead the dough enough (it seemed very smooth) because there was virtually no rise on this bread.

I guess I should have paid closer attention to the fact that Susan machine kneaded her dough for 20 minutes!! :hohoho: :lalala: :hohoho:

Stollen (BBB) Of course I realize that Stollen is traditionally covered in clarified butter and powdered sugar just after baking. But I made an executive decision and chose to use an eggwash before baking instead.

But isn’t the colour gorgeous? How could I even think of covering that up with icing sugar?! (Hmmm, it’s perhaps a bit dark… did I overbake it?)

peel The candied peel, on the other hand, is delicious!! So delicious that all the candied lemon peel was eaten and/or put into the dough before I could get a photo of it.

But we still have a little candied orange peel left. I love its flavour! Although… I would like it if it were not quite as soft. I wonder if I dare to put it into a slow slow oven to dry it out and make it chewier….

Perhaps not, considering my record so far this week. :hohoho: :-) :hohoho:

I was thinking about the dryness of my failed Stollen. It’s entirely possible that using ground almonds instead of slivered almonds was a huge mistake. In retrospect, I should have either left them out or used less flour. (Duh…)




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