black bottom cinnaburns

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cinnamon buns
I murmured something about crying over burnt cinnamon buns not long ago… Here, at last is the photographic evidence.

They don’t look so bad, do they?

cinnamon buns Until you look at the bottoms….

It really was too bad too. The buns were going to be fantastic! In the recipe, I had used about 1½ cups of wild starter (around 750gm on my rotten scale) and only ¼ tsp active dry yeast rather than the 2½ tsp of active dry yeast called for. I also reduced the amount of water to 1¾ cup rather than 2 cups. (1 cup milk, ¾ water) Here is the recipe I followed to make 16 buns:

The resulting dough was beautifully silky and elastic and rose only a tiny bit slower than the commercial yeast versions. In fact, I was a little sorry that I had added any commercial yeast at all.

And I did set the timer…. (I did!!!)

cinnamon buns Amazingly, once most of the black had been scraped off, the buns were delicious!

…perhaps I should always burn them on the bottom (bite my tongue!!!)

Next time I make the buns, I think I’ll use only wild yeast. And when I put the buns in the oven, I’ll set two timers. Maybe three….


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6 responses to “black bottom cinnaburns

  1. Katie

    What’s a little burnt crust among friends… as you say, it scrapes off easy enough and then you have something to feed the birds! You could say it was all planned that way!

  2. Charlotte Fairchild

    The buns look great, and although I am gluten sensitive, I love the smell, and burnt is not bad for a smell, to an extent. Hurry up and make the buns again, so you can gloat! Also, if recipe is always followed, and things always work out, well then, it isn’t home made!

  3. ejm Post author

    Good advice, Katie! Yes, that’s it… I intended to burn the buns!

    I love the smell of burnt sugar too, Charlotte. But only if it’s meant to be burnt…. Luckily, for me, once the pitch black was removed from the buns, that awful acrid smell disappeared completely. Haha, I hadn’t even thought of that concept of “home made”!

  4. ejm Post author

    I would believe it (there’s something quite wonderful about burnt sugar) but I think even your mom would have declined to eat the bottoms of those buns, Susan. They were pure carbon.

  5. Jeanne

    Oh dear – I thought this only happened in my kitchen! But I’m glad to see you did exactly what I would have: scrape off the burnt bits and eat ’em anyway ;-)

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