blackberries aren’t just for jam…

summary: making blackberry cordial to mix with sauvignon blanc to make faux kirs

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blackberries Our wonderful next-door neighbour with the sunny garden came over with a tub of blackberries, saying that they had had a bumper crop this summer. Lucky us!!!

We considered making a blackberry crumble as she had suggested but decided we didn’t want to deal with picking all those seeds out of our teeth afterwards. So we thought we’d make some jelly.

Naturally, being the experts that we are (cough), we didn’t actually consult a recipe to find out how much pectin would have to be introduced to make jelly and/or jam. I know that cranberry has natural pectin and I think (but I’m not sure) that citrus fruit has natural pectin too. Being too lazy to ferret through the freezer for cranberries, I found a lime and we squeezed the juice of a lime into the boiling blackberries and sugar.

Then we pushed the sludge through a sieve and put the strained contents into the fridge to cool. No big surprise that we do NOT have jelly. So what. We had murmurred something about if it didn’t set, we’d have some cordial.

And cordial it is. Wonderful cordial.

faux kir We mixed it with Jackson-Triggs sauvignon blanc to make kirs. Yes, yes, I know. A kir supposed to be made with wine and cassis. Preferably aligote and cassis. Or champagne and cassis for kir royale. Or red wine and cassis for a cardinale. (click on image to see larger view)

So let’s say that our version is kir Canadien. Whatever. It is refreshing and fruity and just the thing to have as an evening aperitif on the patio in the late summer, listening to the cicadas hum.

We saw blackberries being sold on the fruit stands yesterday. They were charging $6 for a smallish box!! (And I bet those blackberries aren’t as good as our neighbours’ blackberries!)


2 responses to “blackberries aren’t just for jam…

  1. Kathy

    The cordial sounds yummy, but what I want to talk about is your chilli chicken. It’s fabulous! I made it tonight for my husband (who is Bengali) and our two friends (who are South Indian but lived in Kolkata for years). They all loved it, and felt it was really authentic tasting! Thanks for posting such a great recipe; I will definitely be making it again!

  2. ejm Post author

    The cordial is really delicious, Kathy. I highly recommend it. It’s good with just plain old soda water too for before 18:00 when one doesn’t want to add wine.

    And thanks for the reminder! It’s high time that we had chilli chicken again. I’m so glad you all liked it and that’s very encouraging that your Bengali husband and friends who lived in Kolkata say that it was correct. Thank you so much for dropping by. Do come back again!

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