braided apricot buns

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apricot buns I was making bagels yesterday and suddenly decided that I should try making something like the amazing braided bread I saw when surfing through various blogs last month.

But I couldn’t remember exactly how I had come across the blog. So, as the bagel dough was rising, I wandered through the history on my browser. But no go. I had a vague recollection that the dough was flattened into a rectangle and then jam was placed into the center before cutting the edges into strips to create a braid. Even though I couldn’t find the blog, I went ahead anyway. How hard could it be??

making apricot buns Not wanting to make a whole braided loaf, I decided to make buns instead. The dough is enough for 12 bagels; I made 8 bagels and 4 braided apricot buns. (click on image for larger view and more photos)

Just before baking the buns, I brushed the risen braids with the malted water left over from parboiling the bagels. I don’t know if it made any difference at all… but they looked pretty darn good when they came out of the oven!

(Remind me to post about the bagels too. In the meantime, here is the bagel recipe I followed.)

We had the apricot buns with goat cheese and coffee for breakfast this morning. I was pretty happy. They really were good. They were actually very good – wonderfully chewy with pockets of lovely candied apricot jam. Although… they could have used a tiny bit more jam inside. I would have loved to have slathered them with butter but my butter intake is being very strictly rationed right now. T wanted the buns to be sweeter as well and had his with butter, goat cheese and orange marmalade.

Next time (because there will be a next time), instead of apricot jam, I want to try making an onion marmelade and slathering that inside when shaping the buns. I bet they’d be delicious that way with soup.

The Lost has been Found:

Naturally, after taking the buns out of the oven, I found Leann’s (“Eating to Live”) site and saw that she had added cream cheese as well as preserves to her bread:

Sorry to have lost you and so glad to have found you again, Leann!! (I’ve bookmarked your site now….) Many thanks for a great idea.


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