broccoli blahs

summary: broccoli tastes terrible in the winter in Toronto

broccoli Last night, I was really looking forward to digging into my giant portion of stir-fried broccoli. I adore broccoli. Or rather, I used to adore broccoli. (No photo from last night. But it looked just like this. This is from a previous broccoli feast when the broccoli tasted wonderful.)

The broccoli at the vegetable store yesterday was a little more expensive than in the summer – $1.50 per bunch as opposed to $1.00 it is when broccoli is in season here. But it was a big bunch. And it looked like it was good broccoli. Very good broccoli even. It really did.

But then we tasted it. What flavour!! Or rather, lack thereof.

I confess that I didn’t look to see where the broccoli came from. But in January, in Toronto, it’s very likely that it has come from far away.

And judging from the complete lack of any flavour (except from the ginger, garlic and black bean sauce), I’m thinking that the broccoli may have been manufactured as well before being shipped here from far away. The manufacturers did a very good job with the looks. They did a crummy job with everything else.

After cooking, the florets were hopelessly mushy but the stalks were crunchy. Both the mushy and crunchy pieces of broccoli tasted exactly the same – dull, without any residual sweetness. Or bitterness. Or sourness.

It tasted like nothing at all.

(Please rest assured that it had nothing to do with the cooking technique. You know that T can cook. And how. In fact, I think I can count on half of one hand the number of times that T has made errors when cooking. )

Is this the broccoli that broccoli dissenters tasted? Is THAT why they dislike it? Because I loathe broccoli now too. :stomp:

Questions: In the winter in Toronto, what vegetable should we use for Chinese-style stirfries? Are we better off buying frozen (brrrrr) vegetables?

Bookmark these for when broccoli is back in season.


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