Brussels Sprouts

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summary: recipe for Brussels sprouts sauteed in butter with caramelized garlic and bread crumbs; SAVEUR magazine is great;

A couple of years ago, my parents-in-law gave me a subscription to SAVEUR magazine. I love that magazine and read every issue cover to cover. There are book reviews, a calendar of culinary events and fascinating articles about different cuisines and cultures, often accompanied by beautiful photographs. This month, there is a terrific story on “Christmas in Vienna” and another on a Mexican feast for a girl’s 15th birthday (rather than “sweet 16”, in Mexico, girls have special birthday celebrations when they turn 15). We don’t always try the recipes that we see in each magazine but have dog-eared many pages with the intention of trying new things.

SAVEUR Magazine’s November2003 issue featured a short article on Brussels Sprouts (I love the title: “Stink Balls” by Kelly Alexander). Last night, to go with our dinner of ham and scalloped potatoes, we decided to try one of the Brussels sprouts recipes:

Parboil sprouts til almost done. Drain and rinse with cold water to arrest cooking. Cut in half. Saute a whole crushed garlic clove in butter until just golden. (They said to discard the garlic. We say to set it aside.) Then toss sprouts in the pan with melted butter til they are browned a little on the edges. Add bread crumbs (put the garlic back) and stir well. The magazine also suggested throwing in a bit of lemon juice but we didn’t have any lemons so left it out.

They were BRILLIANT!! They were so brilliant that we think we have to have brussels sprouts again tonight.

brussels sprouts edit: Here is the recipe written out a little more clearly:

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