bubbles, tiny bubbles!!

This is a followup to still hunting for the elusive wild yeast…

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wild yeast hunt … make me feel happy, make me feel …

wild yeast hunt umm… sorry, I’ll stop before everyone gets an audio virus.

But, yes!! My culture is looking decidedly less cultured! I think it might be almost ready to graduate and become a starter.

wild yeast hunt You didn’t think it was going to work, did you? Oh ye of little faith!!

But look closer. Look at that foam!!

wild yeast hunt And check out that the recently fed bowl on the bottom ALREADY had a bubble only a couple of minutes after mixing!

The yoghurt smell is still there faintly, but mostly it just smells beautifully sweet with just a hint of a tang. Nothing funky. Nothing sour.

I might even attempt to do a final buildup tomorrow. Whoohoo!

If you haven’t already, please read the sometimes grisly history of my hunt for wild yeast: