catching up…

It’s not that we haven’t been eating since I last posted. Oh my no! That would never do.

We have just come back from visiting my parents-in-law. And because we were all in the same city for once, we also visited with all my siblings-in-law and all their spice and offspring. On one evening, everyone congregated into the beautiful back garden to dine at an emmensely long table (actually, it was two emmensely long tables placed end to end – luckily the back garden is just large enough…) covered with sparkling white linen, silverware and glassware with pots of pink and gold snapdragons as a centerpiece and alternating pink and gold serviettes.

All of us contributed to what turned into a spectacular dinner: fish soup with aioli, steamed artichokes, salad with cranberries goatcheese and toasted hazel nuts, rustic bread, iced tea, white red and rose wine and fresh strawberry pie!

And did I take a photo of the dinner?? Ha! I was too busy chatting, reminiscing and laughing with parents/siblings-in-law, playing with my nieces and nephews and/or stuffing my face!

Happily, we also got to visit with one of my sisters who lives in the same city. She and her husband had both been working all day but still managed to pull off the most amazing dinner. Our nephew arrived as well and we all happily (and maybe a little noisily) chopped, sauteed and/or grilled before sitting down to a feast of shishkabob, barbecued whole new potatoes, barbecued green beans, tomato and basil salad with boccancini, fried mushrooms and garlic, caramelized onions, crusty bread, wine and fresh raspberries and gorgonzola. And silly us, we FORGOT to bring the camera!! We even forgot that we forgot to bring it!

On another evening, we had stir-fried scapes (the tops of garlic). What a fabulous discovery! On our arrival home, while surveying our garden, I was very excited to see that we have 3 scapes in our garden. (again… no photo… must unpack first)

Ontario strawberries are available now and we will be recreating that fabulous strawberry pie made by my father-in-law. By then, we’ll be unpacked and we’ll take pictures so you can see.

New dishes to recreate:

  • G’s Strawberry Pie
  • G’s Crockpot chicken and leeks
  • J’s Onion marmelade
  • A’s Mesclun Salad with cranberries, goat cheese, toasted hazelnuts and simple vinaigrette
  • C’s tomato and basil salad with boccancini dressed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar
  • P’s new potatoes on the barbecue

Clearly, we didn’t starve.


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