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L’Otto di Merano BBBuddies (August 2015)

BBB: Let's Get Bakingsummary: August 2015 Bread Baking Buddies; L’Otto di Merano gallery; summer holidays; about the BBBabes (click on image(s) to see the BBBuddies’ posts)

What kind of crazed person decides to host a party and doesn’t show up on the day but just sends the food? Since 14 August, we were on the other side of the country having so much fun that we didn’t take time to do much more than check our email….

L'Otto di Merano (BBBuddies)Bread Baking Buddies: L’Otto di Merano

This August, the BBBabes made Italian rye bread shaped like 8s. Well, some of the BBBabes made L’Otti di Merano…. (Here is the recipe we used.)

August is the month for holidays so lots of BBBabes were on holiday. Even I was on holiday for the second half of August – I wrote my post up early and scheduled it to appear on 16 August. So it didn’t really surprise me that only three BBBuddies joined us this month! Nor did it surprise me that few people (BBBabes or BBBuddies) chose to use barley malt syrup instead of malted rye.

Even so, their bread turned out beautifully!

But that’s what we’re about, isn’t it? Improvisation!

As always, the BBBuddies come from all over the world – I do love the internet! (continue reading )

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