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khachapuri update

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summary: making koulouria; my memory is fading; apparently khachapuri CAN be baked on the stovetop; bookmarked red bean filling;

Are you like me? Had you never heard of khachapuri?
-me, Conquering Runny-Yolk Phobia with Khachapuri (BBB January 2016), blog from OUR kitchen

I can’t believe it!!

koulouria I decided to make koulouria today and instead of getting Anissa Helou’s “Mediterranean Streetfood” from the shelf, I grabbed what I thought was the right book: Jeffrey Alford’s and Naomi Duguid’s “Flatbreads and Flavors”. I opened it to the bookmark expecting to see a picture of sesame rings. The book lay open nice and flat, clearly having been read. Several times. But instead of the sesame rings I thought I’d see, there was a recipe for “Georgian Cheese-Filled Quick Bread – emeruli khachapuri”!

And I said I’d never heard of khachapuri…. (continue reading )

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