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Muesli Rolls sans Chocolate (BBB June 2015)

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BBB: Let's Get Baking  wp-image-2125 summary: recipe for Muesli Rolls, based on a recipe for Muesli Rolls with Chocolate Chips in Dean Brettschneider’s book “Bread”; my reading skills have not really improved; a Bread Baking Babes project; another lawn sale find; (click on images to see larger views and more photos)

Bread Baking Babes (BBB) June 2015

We are very pleased to welcome to two new BBBabes! They are Judy (Judy’s Gross Eats) and Karen K (Karen’s Kitchen Stories). We’re thrilled that they’ve joined our happy little band.

BBB Muesli Rolls wp-image-2118 When Karen in the Netherlands announced that we would be making Muesli rolls this month, I jumped for joy. I love bread with lumps in it!

And plenty of lumps there are: rolled oats, flax seeds, sesame seeds, chopped nuts, sunflower seeds, pepitas, chocolate chips…. What?? Since when does Muesli have chocolate in it? :stomp: (continue reading )

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