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Orange Thyme Shortbread

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summary: playing with a recipe for Lemon Thyme Shorbread to make Orange Thyme Shortbread; when you don’t have lemons, use oranges; homemade orange extract; Christmas baking;

Christmas Goodies Christmas baking is underway! So far, I’ve made Clarke’s Bread (to go with pate that T is in the process of making), cherry snowballs (the real kind with dried cherries) and a new cookie for me: orange thyme cookies.

When it comes to cookies, for me they have to be buttery and crisp. I have never been a big fan of soft pillowy cookies, or those sweetened with icing. I like spice or nut cookies, but my very favorite cookie is a delicate butter or shortbread cookie.
– Deborah Mele, Italian Food Forever

A couple of days ago, a Christmas package from my sister arrived. I didn’t open it right away. But I knew that there would be a good shot of Mum’s Christmas cake. Yay! We only have a little of last year’s left….

Usually, my sister includes two or three kinds of cookies as well. Little tiny sugar cookies shaped like trees with sparkling coloured sugar. And spice cookies shaped like stars. And my favourites: lemon thyme cookies shaped like Angels. Invariably some of the angels wings have fallen off in the journey. This always makes me very happy. It means that I can safely eat the “damaged” angels. Because it wouldn’t do to serve them to guests, would it?

So imagine my surprise to learn from her that

There. Are. No. Cookies. Included.


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