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Swiss Chard Revisited Yet Again (ARF/5-A-Day Tuesday)

summary: Swiss Chard; ARF/5-A-Day Tuesday (click on image to see larger views and more photos)

ARF/5-A-Day Tuesday* – Swiss chard revisited yet again

Yes, I know it’s Thursday. But it was Tuesday two days ago….

Swiss chard Swiss chard is my new favourite vegetable. Red Swiss chard, that is.

Up until recently, my favourite vegetable WAS beet tops – they’re still right up there at on the top (no pun intended…). But the other day when we went to get beets with their tops still on, we only found the most dismal displays. The leaves were ragged and spindly. I guess it’s the end of beet season….

BUT right beside the beets were the most beautiful bunches of red Swiss chard. Well, why not get those instead and prepare them the same way we do beet tops? (continue reading )

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