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For Hearth ‘n Soul (Real Food) (HnS:RF) – formerly known as “Two for Tuesdays”, participants are invited to blog about two things to do with “Real Food” (two recipes, two links, two variations) ie: things made from scratch with recognizable ingredients; Blog Party (BP) is a virtual cocktail party and participants make both an appetizer and a beverage on the party’s theme.

Tomatillos and Corn for Two Salsas (real food)

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summary: Two Salsas!! recipes for corn and tomatillo salsas based on recipes in “Salsas and Ketchups” by Silvana Franco; information about Hearth ‘n Soul – real food (formerly “Two For Tuesdays!”); (click on images to see larger views and more photos)

I know. It’s not Tuesday. Tuesday was yesterday.*

corn salsa In August, Heather (Girlichef) posted about tomatillo salsa and Carnitas con Verdolagas (aka purslane). At the time, we decided we HAD to try it. And we bicycled to Kensington Market in search of verdolagas and tomatillos. We were SURE we’d find verdolagas. But no. They hadn’t even heard of it. Or we were pronouncing it wrong.

While we were at the market, we couldn’t resist buying some jicama and corn as well.

When we got home, I leafed through our copy of “Salsas and Ketchups” by Silvana Franco to see what she did with tomatillos. And I got completely distracted by the corn salsa on page 118.

Well, not completely. We still made the tomatillo salsa. Because if one salsa is good, two must be better. (continue reading )

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