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End of Month Egg on Toast Extravaganza

asparagus omelette

summary: asparagus omelette made with chili flakes, goat’s cheese, havarti and chives; ode to EoMEoTE; (click on image to see larger view and more photos)

asparagus omelette Last weekend, we had some left-over asparagus from the evening before and decided to use it to make an omelette. (I know. How can there be left over asparagus?!)

The garden chives, while not flowering, have been flourishing. And there’s nothing better than spring chives and eggs, don’t you think? As I was getting the eggs out of the fridge, I grabbed the goat’s cheese and havarti at the same time. And we went to town.

Oh for the long lost days of EoMEoTE! Because I have the perfect entry.

But wait a minute!! What am I saying? I’d probably have to write an ode in Terza rima in order to be eligible for the roundup…. Hmmm, could I even begin?? Let me see… what rhymes with “asparagus”? (continue reading )

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