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rhubarb pie revisited (Mmm…Canada!/SHF#44)

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summary: recipe for rhubarb pie; includes recipe for pastry made with lard; high cost of local and/or organic ingredients

Jennifer (The Domestic Goddess) has asked us to share a “favourite Canadian confection, indulgence, dessert, sweet… anything really! As long as says Canada” and we “can get some sort of Sugar High from it“. I realize that I’m one day late, but here it is anyway, my post for

Mmm...Canada Sugar High Friday #44: Mmm…Canada!

When I was growing up (in Alberta), one of my favourite things to do would be to go out to the back garden to pick rhubarb.

rhubarb pie When I was in highschool, as soon as the rhubarb was growing well, I would take rhubarb stew for lunch. My friends and I would sit in the bleachers and invariably one boy would appear to beg for my rhubarb stew. (No, he wasn’t flirting; I was way too uncool to be flirt-worthy. He just wanted the rhubarb stew….)

But of course, rhubarb isn’t just for stew. It makes the best pie. I think rhubarb pie has to be my favourite kind of pie.

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