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rhubarb pie revisited (Mmm…Canada!/SHF#44)

summary: recipe for rhubarb pie; includes recipe for pastry made with lard; high cost of local and/or organic ingredients

Jennifer (The Domestic Goddess) has asked us to share a “favourite Canadian confection, indulgence, dessert, sweet… anything really! As long as says Canada” and we “can get some sort of Sugar High from it“. I realize that I’m one day late, but here it is anyway, my post for

Mmm...Canada Sugar High Friday #44: Mmm…Canada!

When I was growing up (in Alberta), one of my favourite things to do would be to go out to the back garden to pick rhubarb.

rhubarb pie When I was in highschool, as soon as the rhubarb was growing well, I would take rhubarb stew for lunch. My friends and I would sit in the bleachers and invariably one boy would appear to beg for my rhubarb stew. (No, he wasn’t flirting; I was way too uncool to be flirt-worthy. He just wanted the rhubarb stew….)

But of course, rhubarb isn’t just for stew. It makes the best pie. I think rhubarb pie has to be my favourite kind of pie.

(click on image to see larger view and more photos) Continue reading

Give Us This Day Yesterday’s Bread (IMBB #25)

IMBB#25: Give Us This Day Yesterday’s Bread

click on image to see larger view of Sandwich Bread
Sandwich Bread
I baked bread yesterday. Doesn’t it look beautiful?

Naturally, I’m too late to post for IMBB. Again. And what a shame. Because this week, we have the perfect bread for this event!!

I bake sandwich bread at least once a week – three loaves at a time. And on the weekend, T reminded me that I needed to bake bread. And it was already mid-morning. So I mixed, kneaded, shaped dough; then put the shaped loaves into the oven with the light turned on. But bread dough doesn’t always rise at the rate that we would like it to. And I had to head off to work. No problem. We’ve often done this.

T is very good about remembering to bake the bread. As I was racing out the door, he called, “So I should bake the bread about 9:00 pm?” And in a distracted sort of way, I called back that it would probably be a bit earlier. And off I went. To return home very late.

Ah the smell of freshly baked bread was still in the house. It was delicious! I walked into the kitchen to admire the cooling loaves. Continue reading

Noodles! (IMBB#22)

click on image to see more photos of Chicken Noodle Soup (Asian Style)

noodle soup garnished with chopped green chillies and toasted sesame oil It’s been a while since I’ve managed to get it together in time to participate in the crossblog event, IMBB. But the recent acquisition of a camera along with Amy’s (Cooking With Amy) topic Use Your Noodle were all the inspiration I needed for me to join the party AND get there on time.

At first I was thinking that we should make Nigella Lawson’s fabulous Tagliatelle with Chicken from the Venetian Ghetto*. (I do love that dish!!) But then I thought of all that wonderful stock we had lurking in the freezer. The stock made from the bones of last week’s roasted chicken with chocolate chili gravy. And how cold and windy it is (even though it is remarkably warm and snowless for January). And how life-giving soup is.

Yes, soup was the answer. So we made Chicken Noodle Soup (Asian Style). And it was fabulous! Continue reading

slack dough bread report (IMBB#12)

We took the loaf of pan bigio over to friends’ house last night for a feast. They knew we were bringing a big crusty loaf rustic Italian style bread and so it was decided over the phone that we would do some olive oil tastings before dinner. And I have to say that the bread really did turn out well. I haven’t yet mastered slashing loaves but the slashes I had made fit with the rustic quality. It was a good 14 inches in diameter, with a deep gold crust.

But in a sudden change of direction, they decided to use one of the olive oils to make a shrimp and garlic stew as the first course. Ten of us stood around their large kitchen, ripping pieces of bread from the loaf and using it to mop up shrimp stew. T decreed that this was my best loaf ever. I confess that wasn’t absolutely happy with the crumb but then I’m extremely critical and am always striving for the bread to be just a little bit better than it is. But the others seemed to think it was great….

We then moved onto the pasta course. P had cut lasagne into wide strips and we had these noodles with a boar, venison, caribou, duck, mushroom sauce – it was wonderful! I have never had caribou before and still wouldn’t be able to tell which piece of meat in the hunter’s sauce was caribou. But the combination was spectacular. Continue reading

IMBB#12 – what might have been

I was unable to participate in the recent IMBB#12 is my blog taboo? aka you are what you don’t eat hosted by Carlo at my latest supper. And yes, I fear that I was a little relieved to be unable to participate… I’m not keen on eating things that I know or suspect I don’t like. But since reading Steingarten’s “The Man Who Ate Everything”, I have turned over a new leaf and have been trying just about everything that comes my way. (I still draw the line at sea anenome and anything that really shudders on the plate.)

We discussed briefly what we might have tried doing for this really intriguing idea for an IMBB. I immediately thought of lamb. It’s something I just haven’t really learned to like. I should like it! It always smells fabulous. But the taste… so disappointing… so, well, woolly. And that wouldn’t do because T adores lamb. Why should he get to have something he loves?? So then we thought “lamb’s kidneys!” or perhaps blood sausage. (Do they make blood sausage out of lamb’s blood??) I’ve tried blood sausage – I’m not wild about it but I’m not wild about any kind of sausage that is smooth textured. But it was a moot point. It wasn’t going to happen because we weren’t participating. Continue reading

So, how does $35 bread taste? (IMBB#11)

about IMBB#11

So how does $35 taste? $35 bread???

(Augh I just messed up and mistakenly erased this post!! The following is a reconstruction as best as I can remember)

So how does $35 bread taste? I thought it wasn’t the best bread I’d made but the others liked it. And there was none left. The ravening hordes – perhaps there weren’t hordes; there were only five of us – ate it all with spinach salad followed by Mediterranean Chicken. (It turns out that I have misnamed the chicken. It SHOULD be called “Adriatic Chicken”. Maybe I’ll change that at some point….)

In fact we were concerned that there might not be enough bread so at the last minute, we slogged through the snow to get a loaf of “French baguette” from a local bakery that supplies many of the stores in the neighbourhood. That “French baguette” was terrible! Uniform holes, spongey texture, absolutely white crumb – give me $35 bread any day! Continue reading