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We have Red Pears!

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NFFtT pears summary: lots and lots of pears; what to do with unripe pears; recipe for sliced dried pears; information about Not Far From the Tree; (click on image(s) to see larger views and more photos)

“Taste and try before ye buy, my fine ripe pears!” -Edinburgh Street Vendors’ Cry

Well. You’re not going to want to taste and try these pears yet. They may be very fine. But they are NOT ripe.

NFFtT red pears

windfall pears on table and in green handled basket

There are so many volunteer pickers for Not Far From the Tree now that it’s a little tricky to get in on a pick. So imagine my delight to discover that I was one of the chosen to pick stunningly beautiful slightly unripe pears last Saturday morning.

I’m not sure what kind they are – I’m thinking maybe red Clapp’s Favourite or perhaps Flemish Beauty. But whatever they are, aren’t they gorgeous? The red colour is amazing!

Of course, we tried not to let any fall to the ground but alas, we couldn’t help it. The tree insisted on dropping the fruit to the ground as we picked. Only the volunteers can keep the windfall fruit; NFFtT never gives windfall fruit to the owner or the charitable organizations. Even when the fruit is unripe, there is generally too much bruising when it falls to the ground.

So after spending a couple of happy hours with four other congenial volunteers, I came home with beautiful but quite unripe pears galore, including a whole basket full of windfall pears…. (continue reading )

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