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adding wheat germ to bread dough IS a good idea

summary: 50% whole wheat bread, using Ken Forkish’s 50% whole wheat bread recipe and using Michael Pollan’s method of sifting the wholewheat flour; adding wheat germ;

We are still reading “Cooked” by Michael Pollan (it takes a long time to to read a book when reading it aloud) and just came to the fascinating section on milling. I’ve known for a while that, nowadays, whole wheat flour was simply white flour with the bran and germ added back in. But what I didn’t know was that it might be possible that all of the wheat germ has NOT been put back.

And I got to thinking about the fact that our 10kg bag of 100% whole wheat flour lasts a suspiciously long time without going rancid….

Further grinding of the gears in my brain deduced that if the reason that wheat germ tends to go rancid is because of the fat content in it, and that flavour is often carried by fat, maybe I should try adding wheat germ to boost the flavour of our bread. (continue reading )

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