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More scones please

summary: new (for us) methods for scone making; Bien Cuit method being radically different from anything we’ve seen before; difference between biscuits and scones; brief review of ebook version of Bien Cuit; (click on images to see larger views and more photos)

I’m saying biscuit; you’re saying scone!
I say they’re different; you say I’m wrong!
A biscuit!
A scone!
A scone!
A biscuit!
Let’s call the….

scones Sometime last month, when we were walking home after taking the car in for its quarterly checkup, we passed by a new bakery cafe. We had to see! We bought a cup of coffee (pretty good but maybe a little pricey) and a fancy blue cheese and walnut scone.

Okay, right away, I was being a little overly critical. To me, scones NEVER have anything but currants (or possibly raisins, if currants aren’t available) and a little nutmeg.

Blue cheese and walnuts, as wonderful as they are, do not belong in a scone. Nor should a scone be particularly moist. After all, as much as they might seem to be similar, scones are not at all the same as baking powder biscuits. (continue reading )

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