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Who says homemade pierogies are hard to make?

pierogies summary: our favourite brand of supermarket pierogies has disappeared; so has our favourite brand of yoghurt; it turns out making pierogies at home is ridiculously easy; so is yoghurt… (click on images to see larger views and more photos)

Whine alert: Sigh… There are even fewer choices on our supermarket shelves and our favourite brands are no longer available to us.

yoghurt and pierogies A few months ago, when it was still too warm outside to have the oven on overnight to make yoghurt, we went to the supermarket to replenish our stash. And suddenly we wondered if our name was Hubbard.

Yes. The shelf where our favourite yoghurt (made in Quebec, with offices across Canada, including one in Mississauga) should have been was bare! The most reasonable looking alternative that appears to be made in Canada (The “made with 100% Canadian milk” cow logo is on the lid). But googling, I see that the company’s headquarters are in California. Really?!

After staring in frustration and wondering what we were going to do about yoghurt, we were suddenly reminded that we didn’t have any emergency pierogies in the freezer. We hurried to the freezer aisle.

Augh!! Our favourite brand was there but the only flavour was simulated bacon and cheese. Simulated bacon?! Does anyone want simulated bacon?? I think not.

When we found a store employee, we asked what was going on.

He told us they were no longer carrying these brands because, “Well, um, they weren’t sure, um, head office, um, we just sell what they send; um, sorry.”

And we went into a decline.

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