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Delving into the Archives… Iraqi Pink Rice

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SAVEUR subscription offer wp-image-2224 summary: going through our photo archives; recipe for Iraqi pink rice; one last (maybe) rant about SAVEUR Magazine; (click on image to see larger views and more photos)

SAVEUR Savor a World of Authentic Cuisine wp-image-1998 No!! No!! No!! :stomp: :stomp: :stomp: I’m not going to renew my 3-year SAVEUR subscription! Why would I? At the rate they’re going, I feel sure that the magazine is going to fold well before a 3-year subscription is completely filled.

pink rice wp-image-2219 But, whining is not really why I’m here today. I’m really here to rave about Iraqi pink rice rather than the pillowy soft Persian flatbread that we first tried it with.

We’ve been making Iraqi Chicken with Pink Rice for at least two years and the other night, we decided to have it again. To remind ourselves what we did, we looked here on the blog. And it wasn’t there. :!: :?: :!:

How on earth have I neglected to say anything about this fabulous rice before now?

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