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The Season of Giving and Receiving

summary: Giving and receiving; spice of life; nutmeg;

‘Twas the night before Christmas

Over the years, I find that Christmas Eve arrives more and more suddenly. And this year it seems even more sudden. In spite of the early snowfall, making it very clear to us that it was winter.

nutmeg In a massive flurry over that last couple of days, we have congratulated ourselves for having sent off packages in the mail, made various kinds of bread, cookies and goodies galore, decorated the house, and are in the middle of preparing our Christmas feasts, beginning with tonight.

vinarterta ☑
cherry snowballs ☑
orange thyme shortbread ☑
Clarke’s bread ☑
Chicken Liver pate with green peppercorns ☑
Sandwich bread ☑ (ooops, more like slipper bread…)
Pulla ☑
Ginger shortbread ☑
Scottish shortbread ☑
Caramels ☑
Gingersnaps ☑
Cheese Biscuits ☑
Ragu ☑
Fresh Pasta ☑
Caponata ☑

The house is tidied; the kitchen floor is washed; the table is set; the oh-so-attractive-to-furry-black-fiends beads on the stairs have been doused in lemon oil (it really works to keep the little brat from making mincemeat out of them); it’s time to dress for dinner so I WON’T be wearing a housecoat and slippers to greet our guests…. (Christmas cards? You expect me to write Christmas cards BEFORE Christmas?? {cue hysterical laughter})

I cannot imagine how on earth I used to make an Advent calendar, painstakingly drawing a new image for each day! This year, I haven’t even managed to get a moment to take the time to look at “past year’s Advent calendars….

:hohoho: I hope you have, though. :hohoho:

And silly us. In our flurry in the kitchen, we didn’t even think about what to do with this stunningly beautiful nutmeg, complete with its covering of mace. Obviously, the nutmeg will last through many things – a few gratings are always more than enough. But. What to do, what to do? Please feel free to give us some ideas! For the nutmeg AND for the mace.
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