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Jachnun and Zhug: trying something new has its rewards (BBB February 2017)

Thursday, February 16th, 2017

teaser: jachnun and zhug

summary: recipes for Jachnun and Zhug; stretching; overcoming fears; 9th (!) anniversary for the BBBabes; a Bread Baking Babes project; Bread Baking Babes (BBB) January 2017: Jachnun Eeeeeeek!!! Now THAT is Bien Cuit This month’s recipe, jachnun, was chosen by the always intrepid Lien (Notitie von Lien). Jachnun is one of those dishes that everyone […] Continue reading »

Dreaming of Orange Blossoms – Fouace Nantaise (BBB January 2017)

Monday, January 16th, 2017

teaser: Fouace Nantaise

summary: recipe for Fouace Nantaise, based on a recipe by Jamie Schler; orange blossom; yeast in the dead of winter; failure to learn from past mistakes; a Bread Baking Babes (BBB) project; (click on images to see larger views and more photos) Brrrrrr… it’s coooooold outside!! Bread Baking Babes’ Fouace Nantaise, January 2017 Adonc Marquet, […] Continue reading »

Orange Thyme Shortbread

Thursday, December 22nd, 2016

teaser: Christmas Goodies

summary: playing with a recipe for Lemon Thyme Shorbread to make Orange Thyme Shortbread; when you don’t have lemons, use oranges; homemade orange extract; Christmas baking; Christmas baking is underway! So far, I’ve made Clarke’s Bread (to go with pate that T is in the process of making), cherry snowballs (the real kind with dried […] Continue reading »

Whoa!! That’s Really Red Bread (BBB December 2016)

Friday, December 16th, 2016

teaser: Beet Bread

summary: recipe for Beet Challah; fear of sourdough and scary colours; expectations and realisations; a Bread Baking Babes project; (click on images to see larger views and more photos) Bread Baking Babes (BBB) December 2016: Beet Bread Oh the weather outside is frightful…. It snowed again last night. And I’m not ready for winter. I’m […] Continue reading »

Eating from the book…. Karma beet and coconut soup

Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

teaser: Beet Soup

summary: recipe for Karma Beet and Coconut Soup, based on a recipe in the accompanying cookbook for Monica Bhide’s novel, “Karma and the Art of Butter Chicken”; substitutions and/or additions; book review; KARMA AND THE ART OF BUTTER CHICKEN by Monica Bhide This book that is reminiscent of a Bollywood Movie (I could almost imagine […] Continue reading »

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