cauliflower au gratin revisited

summary: cauliflower au gratin; (click on images for larger views and more photos)

cauliflower au gratin The other day, we saw beautiful looking US cauliflowers priced at $0.99 a head. $0.99!! How could we say no?

Actually, how could anyone say no to cauliflower at any time?? Especially when it can be turned into cauliflower au gratin? Or aloo gobi?

I LOVE cauliflower!! As long as the cauliflower is cooked just enough so that it is a little bit tender but still firm. Not so firm that it’s crunchy, mind. Just firm. And not so tender that it’s mushy. Ewwww. No.

I can never decide if I prefer cauliflower prepared western or eastern style. Although… anything with a creamy sauce is going to get my vote.

So with the first half of the cauliflower, T made the most wonderful cauliflower au gratin. He used our new (to us) oval casserole dish – another lawn sale find this past summer. That time, we paid nothing at all! We were riding our bikes home and saw the dish at around 5:00pm. There it was, sitting with a few chipped plates and cups at the edge of the lawn beside a little “free” sign. It appeared to have been never used. About 8 inches long, it’s the perfect size for making cauliflower au gratin for 2 hogs.

cauliflower au gratin We served the cauliflower au gratin with marmalade chicken, made from a recipe in the Winter 2011 issue of the LCBO’s Food and Drink magazine. (Remind me to rave about that too.)

There would have been enough cauliflower au gratin left over for lunch the next day. Except when it came time for dessert, instead of joining T by having a dish of vanilla ice cream with plum sauce (made from this summer’s plum jam that didn’t set properly), I chose to have my personal favourite thing to finish off: dinner for dessert.

It was fabulous!! (T assures me that the icecream and plum sauce was equally fabulous.)

A couple of nights later we had The Most Brilliant aloo gobi with an equally brilliant chicken dish made with curry leaves: Damu Rengasamy’s Chicken Chettinad. (Read here about curry leaves (Murraya koenigii))

I’ll rave more about Chicken Chettinad soon. It too was wonderful.



One response to “cauliflower au gratin revisited

  1. barbara

    Mm, that does look good even to non-creamy-things me. Interesting that it isn’t baked with the crumbs – I thought that was the definition of “au gratin”. But I see it just means “browned crust”.

    I always thought that “au gratin” meant bread crumbs too, Barbara, and was quite surprised to see several au gratin recipes that didn’t call for breadcrumbs. But… we love having bread crumbs. Toasting them on their own with some olive oil and caramelized garlic and sprinkling them on afterwards ensures that they stay really crunchy. -Elizabeth

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