Chocolate Morita Gravy Revisited

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unsweetened chocolate and morita gravy

We loved chocolate gravy so much that we had to try it again. And you know how sometimes your expectations are too high? And you remember that it was WAY better the first time?

Well, I’m happy to report: it’s JUST as wonderful the second time. Maybe even better. You really have to try this!

3 responses to “Chocolate Morita Gravy Revisited

  1. Ivonne

    What an incredibly unique idea … it sounds wonderful … a bit different from what I’m used to in terms of gravy, but very intriguing!

  2. Mats

    I’ve just begun expermenting with roasting duck (with great results). I’m going to give the choc/chilli sauce another go with the next duck.
    How did you get that untrussed chicken photo passed by the Ontario Censor Board!

  3. ejm Post author

    Before I tasted it, I thought it was going to be incredibly different from our regular gravy too, Ivonne. But amazingly, it’s just an extension of how the gravy often turns out. Not that we’ll ALWAYS use chocolate and morita chillies in gravy….

    I suspect that we will often use chocolate as a colouring agent if gravy seems to be too light coloured. It adds just a hint of its dark flavour.

    Shhhhhhhh, Mats, don’t bring it to their attention! (Looking forward to hearing how choc/chilli gravy goes with roast duck – please do come back and report!)

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