cleaning and tidying the fridge

summary: what I did with my wild yeast starter that I have been feeding and babying since July 2007

Well, I did it. As I was looking for cheddar cheese this morning for our cheese, onion, green chilli omelette, the container with the wild yeast starter was staring at me.

Sourly mocking me.

Daring me to wait til tomorrow to see what would happen. Spreading its bubbles into an alcoholic sheen on top of the flour and water sludge.

I couldn’t take it any more.

Yup, I just murdered my floor. Down the drain it went. No photographs, just in case you’re thinking of sending the bread police after me for Saccharomycicide. And yes, I have washed away any evidence. Yes, I used soap. :lalala:

If you haven’t already, please read the sometimes grisly history of my hunt for wild yeast:


3 comments about “cleaning and tidying the fridge

  1. CAM

    hmm… will you start over?

    Not in the near future… it’s way too cold in the kitchen and 100% of the people in the house were sick of how sour the bread was. :lalala: -ejm

  2. MrsBrown

    You did the right thing. I was never very comfortable with the whole issue of those little traps to collect the yeast. Now it can be free to roam the…ether? where DOES yeast roam?

    It was the constant baiting of the traps that got me down. And the fact that wild yeast is so shy and wary. I think most of the wild yeast in our area had learned how to avoid the traps. It was only the old sour yeast that got duped. As for where wild yeast roams, you’ve got me. I hope we haven’t managed to push them so far out of their natural habitat that they are an endangered species! -ejm

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