cold comfort

summary: how to beat the heat: make lassis; another less successful method; how do we get rid of all these fruit flies?!! (click on image to see larger view and more photos)

lassi As I was sweltering yesterday, all I could think of was to sourly say “Hot enough for you?” to all those Torontonians who were complaining about July’s temperatures.

I did NOT have any kind of punishing heat in mind in January, as I longed for summer to arrive. Yes, the same time that I was shivering in this room that was around 15C in the morning and might push up to as much as 18C unless there was a gale-force wind blowing.

One of the happy things about this last winter was that we discovered the wonders of making yoghurt at home. It was ideal with granola. And now, in the heat of the summer, yoghurt is perfect for making cooling, refreshing lassis. Peach is my favourite fruit for making lassis.

It was one of the hottest days of this summer at over 30C outside and 29C in the kitchen, in spite of having the blinds closed against the sun’s blast… but blinds can’t protect anyone from the disgusting humidity. It was the kind of heat that cries out “Lassi!!” But we didn’t have any peaches yesterday.

However, we did have some rather frightening looking bananas lurking on the counter. We also had some green grapes left over after making wonderful chicken salad a couple of nights ago (another perfect thing to serve on a hot summer evening), So we made some lovely refreshing banana/grape lassis.

frost To comfort me more, T ferreted through the files on his computer to find the photos he had been hording. Without telling me, he took this on one of the coldest days this year in January when the outdoor temperature was -20C and the kitchen temperature was 15C. I was (as usual) complaining bitterly about how cold I was. He promised himself he’d show it to me on the hottest day this summer. Cold comfort….

Hmmm… let’s compare the two.

frost - January 2009lassi - August 2009

I think the lassi is much more comforting….

Plums are excellent for putting into lassis as well. And mango. Of course, mango is great! But peach is still my favourite. Mmmm, peaches. I wonder if there are good peaches at our favourite fruit and vegetable store yet.

fruitflies galore!

I don’t know if it is the heat or the fact that we had no garbage pickup for more than a month this summer but the fruitflies have been very, ummm… fruitful. They’re EVERYWHERE!!

Normally, I don’t mind fruitflies. They’re relatively harmless. Their lifespan is short. They’re clean – they only eat fruit (I think. Please don’t tell me otherwise. Ignorance is bliss).

We keep a bucket under the sink to collect pits, peelings and coffee grounds for the garden compost. But I have been diligently emptying the bucket twice a day in an attempt to banish the fruitflies from the kitchen. Yesterday, when we went to empty wet garbage into our green bin (anything compostable that we cannot safely compost in our garden), we found out why the fruitflies have been so fruitful. The wet garbage container is a bucket inside a lidded container; when we pulled the bucket out of the container, it was like a 1950’s Science Fiction Thriller. The insides were FULL of lacy brown casings from thousands of insects hatching. We did NOT have the camera. You DON’T want to see what we saw. We did NOT wait to get the camera. Suddenly, fruitflies didn’t seem quite so harmless.

(I took the banana peels directly to the backyard composter so as not to encourage any of the still flying fruit flies.)

And another thing (while I’m on this ranting roll): what can possess people in Toronto to have complained about the weather in July? It was wonderful!! Sure, it rained a little. But it was never over 25C and rarely lower than 20C during the day. What could be better?!

Happily, a cool front came through last night and now it has dropped down to 29C in this room. This morning, it’s 20C outside (Yay!) and 24C in the kitchen (Yay!!) and I only saw two fruitflies flying in the kitchen (Yay!!!)



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  1. Phydeaux

    Picked up some peaches from the farmers market yesterday! They didn’t have any yoghurt though :-( Great excuse to try out our new blender once we make it to the grocery store…

    What?!! No yoghurt at the market? Quel tragedy! -ejm

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